'PJ' was started in response to a brief titled 'Obsession' and sought to explore the relationship between the individual and the thing, tangible or otherwise, being obsessd about. The title of the work and the person at the centre of the work, PJ, was my father in law, who at the time of photographing the project was infatuated with Mercedes cars of a certain era.

PJ's ability to rebuild a fully working Mercedes from two, or possibly more, non functioning models, without any formal engineering education held my fascination for a long time. As I photographed PJ and his world I realised that this was only one facet of a multi talented man who had at one stage or another of his life been passionately involved with, in no particular order and definitely not limited to; the Garda Síochána (Republic of Ireland's Police Force), his children, The UN Police Force, buying and selling Dutch furniture, the internal workings of clocks, his wife Betty, the workings and repair of all things mechanical and electrical, and his grand-children.

It was only in looking at one facet of PJ that I really understood that he was not obsessed by any one thing but interested in the smooth 'running' of all things (and people) that he came into contact with. Exploring one side of PJ helped me understand the man's personality and the forces that drove him to do what he did.

For PJ.

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